Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's catching on...

Something to look for at secondhand shops - there are some out there that way overcharge. While you want a secondhand store that is organized and clean be on the lookout for those that are too nice. Just like in a retail store, if the overhead is high you'll see it in the pricetag.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It started with the canceling of my trash service. After paying 40-something dollars every other month for so-called trash service I made the most frugal decision I think I've ever made. I went out and bought a gigantic Rubbermaid storage bin on wheels, called the trash company to cancel and I've never looked back.

Now, I have friends who think I'm turning into a crazy(ier) lady because I take my garbage to the dump instead of paying to have someone take it away. I seriously beg to differ! I put my trash into a trash receptacle that sits outside of my house (just like everyone) and about every 6 weeks or so I fill up my car with not only my big, covered trash bucket but also all of my recycling. I drive about 6 miles to the county dump, pay about $5 and rid myself of the rubbage. I really think I'm sort of brilliant for thinking of this.

After canceling the trash service I find myself on the constant lookout for other ways to stick it to the man (in my own small way). I really hate being told what I have to pay for. You know, like you have no other choice in the matter. Paying for Internet service - not doing it. Paying for cable - nope. Paying for air conditioning - again, not going to happen. I've quit using my dishwasher too. After two $300 plumbing bills to try and figure out what was wrong with it I decided washing my dishes in the sink made more financial sense.

While clearly not a true Luddite, I guess I would say I have Luddite tendencies. I did buy a new CD today. I count it as a gift and only the 5th new thing I've purchased in a over 6 months. After all, everyone can use a little Eminem.