Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not Buying Leads to Allergic Reaction


To blog or not to blog? Will anyone really care what I have to say about not buying anything new for a year? I’ve been told that blogging is more about the person blogging than it is about people reading the blog. I can live with that. I like to write and don’t much so this will now give me an excuse to do so.

I’m not the first person to decide to not buy anything new for a year or a specified amount of time. I don’t remember why it occurred to me to do this, it just did. I already enjoy shopping at resale shops anyway so it seemed like a good idea and something fun to try. While a lot of people think that recycling really doesn’t help the planet, I beg to differ. I do, maybe naively, believe that one person can make a difference. So, here I go.

I’ve been doing this since the beginning of 2010. It’s my New Years resolution. I’ve already stopped smoking, exercise 4-5 times a week and have upped my 401K contributions so I was struggling to come up with an appropriate resolution. To not buy anything new seemed like a bit of a challenge - but a fun one.

Today became annoying after making cookies for an open house. Food does not count as ‘new’ so instead of buying a plant or kitchen utensils, I decided to make some cookies to bring as my gift. These cookies contained coconut to which I find myself allergic. I made the cookies and of course had to try them to make sure they were suitable. I ate two of the smaller ones, changed clothes and went for a run. Halfway out, my eyes started to itch and swell and I’ve spent the remainder of this lovely, what I thought unfettered, Saturday in bed sleeping off a Benadryl.

Lesson? I’m allergic to coconut. The cookies were a good, not-buy-anything-new idea even if they took my day in a different direction.

Since I’m stuck in the house so as not to scare anyone with my bug eyes, I’ll spend the evening making Valentine cards.

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