Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Tan Would Come in Handy Here

What's a non-spender supposed to do with runs in her nylons (the most horrible invention ever!) and 20 minutes to get to an event? Wish for a tan? Break the rules and deem nylons a health item? Steal a pair from the drug store so that I'm not officially breaking my rule? None of the above, my friends. I've never really had a tan and am starting to embrace my pale hue and while I could say that nylons are a health item since they have a 'panty' attached, it's a stretch. And the last thing I stole was a tube of mascara when I was 12 so that's out too.

I retreated to the good 'ole standby - nail polish. I would venture the "Hint from Heloise" that has gotten the most traction is using nail polish to stop a run in your nylons. Is Heloise still around? If she's online she'd get a lot of hits on this helpful, practical and free (as long as you already own a bottle of nail polish) tip.

I dug around in my manicure basket and came up with an old bottle of clear nail polish that worked splendidly on the multiple runs on my nude nylons. Off to the event I went.

I really do wish I had a tan though. Summer legs would look much cuter!

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  1. Here's a trick I learned in modeling school: When one leg of your hose are ruined, cut off the entire leg below the panty. If you have another in the same condition and color, You wear both at the same time--if you can stand it. It's two panties/waistbands and two good legs, and works in a pinch.

    Also I consider a sunless tanning product as a "health" expendature.