Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

It's been more than a year since I made my little New Year's resolution to not buy anything new for one year. At the time, it felt kinda like a big deal. Now, not so much. I think the hardest part was finding time and topics to blog about.

I've been asked at the turn of 2011 what my new resolution would be in relation to last year's. And I've got nothing. I've decided that not buying anything new really isn't that big of a deal and I'll continue to do it this year and probably, in some form, forever. Not only is it easy, it's almost a requirement nowadays. Here in the Fort there are so many thrift and used stores that a person really doesn't have an excuse to immediately buy an item new without looking to see if they can get it used first. Not only will I keep doing it, I've realized that I like it a whole lot more than traditional shopping.

A couple of months ago I refinanced my house and found myself with a little extra cash. I decided that since I had been good all year I 'deserved' to do a round of shopping at Macy's. I grabbed some of their great coupons and off I went. It was one of the most hideous shopping experiences of my life - seriously. I trolled through this gigantic store getting more and more pissed off as I went. I was in there about 15 minutes and had to leave. Without an object of desire to search for I found just strolling through a department store a dull experience and a huge waste of time. What I realized from this little jaunt was that I really don't like shopping for shopping's sake unless I'm in a used store. Not a major revelation but enough for me to know that not buying anything new is the way of my life. It has been for years and will continue to be.

I would say that in one year I probably bought 10 or so 'new' items. At least three of these things were sympathy cards because I just can't make an appropriate sympathy card. I did just purchase a new vacuum and make no excuses for it. Buying a used vacuum is silly and in my house a vacuum is definitely a health issue. If you've ever lived in a hair ball, you know what I mean. If it wasn't life-threatening to shellack my dog I wouldn't need the new vacuum. And let me tell you, having a vacuum that actually works is a very pleasurable experience. It was all I could do to not leave work early last Friday to go home and vacuum. This might speak more to the lack of excitement in my life...

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