Saturday, February 4, 2012

One of the Best Days

In my life it's almost a holiday. With a few clicks and a few stamps I'm able to check off some major line items on my life list of things to do. The day I get my tax return is quite magical, really.

Ever since I've made a mortgage payment instead of paying rent I've gotten some fat tax refund checks. All that interest adds up. Last year I received my biggest refund but had to pay $2500 to cut down a giant, dead Cottonwood tree in my front yard. I was glad I had the cash to do it but super sad that I couldn't pay off some debt with that money.

That's what I do every year - pay off debt. I was able to pay off over $3000 worth of debt this year and I can't tell you how amazing it feels! I have a ZERO balance on my Macy's card, for one and less than $100 left on a couple of other stupid credit cards. I will not set foot inside a Macy's for the rest of the year, and hopefully longer. The fat (or is it phat?) tax return also allows me to take care of other things I otherwise would have to put off or just not do. I'm able to get Cadence's teeth cleaned, pay off a couple of doctor bills that weren't covered by my insurance and finally pay off the tree limb clean up bill (all $500 of it!) from the big storm we had back in October. Few things feel better (maybe sex but let's not talk about that).

The Austerity Plan is in full effect and life is good.

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